2017/06/25 The reason why my blog had been read by few people


The last semester I attended a graduate-level course of translation of English texts into Japanese. The other day the lecturer said there are people whose writings inform him that they love what they write. Though he didn't show an open contempt for them, I could infer its existence from the way he spoke about them.

Yesterday, while I was writing the article below, I was pondering about why my English blog had been read by only a few people. It was then that the remark of the lecturer came up to my mind. I loved what I wrote in English and you can somehow sense the love through reading the articles. I guessed it was disgusting for some readers.


Now, having gone through several experiences that made me realize how hopelessly incompetent I could be at English, I don't feel the thrill I felt before during the writing. I don't take so much pride in the present article as I had previously. I hope my blog no longer makes any readers sick. 



Oxford Collocations Disctionary For Students of Englishから抜粋しています。

〜をあからさまに軽蔑する:show an open contempt for ~(p. 163)

どうしようもないくらい〜ができない:hopelessly incompetent at ~(p.423) 

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Oxford Collocations Dictionary For Students of English (Book & CD)

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