2017/06/27 On articles about English

Sometimes it irks me to read an article about English on Hatena Blog. It is because it lacks any references to books or other articles. It seems that this kind of article depends totally on the experience of the author or on their caprice. As a result, all such articles do is to display the authors' ignorance. To make matters worse, they are skillful in making their articles convincing to a certain degree, so that the reader will easily get persuaded and feel like they have learned something new. The truth is, they have not. Instead, they have learned something untenable and insufficient. The other day, I read an article where "a native speaker of English" says that there is no difference between "try to do" and "try doing," which is beyond comprehension. Believing in this and not used to consulting a dictionary, the author says that the latter expression adds something vivid to your conversation because it includes "progressive form." Nothing else could be further from what the experts say.