2017/06/28 Compliments have got me thinking (part1)


I am proud of myself being praised by professors two days in a row. These incidents are rare, so they have gotten me thinking. I am writing as I am thinking about them now. I am not sure whether I can set my thoughts straight through this article.

The two compliments have one thing in common. They are about what I have been committed to, that is, reading English. True, I have been in the habit of reading English texts since my junior high school days, but when I say I have been committed to reading English lately, it has a specific meaning. For one thing, reading English means to me organizing the sentences into parts and parts into the whole. According to one professor, English books or articles should be regarded as something like a building. They have a structure. They are so arranged that they convey what the authors try to convey. The arrangement reflects the strategy that they devise to make the case convincing and seem significant. So when reading them, it is imperative to grasp the arrangement and to infer the strategy from it. Only if you have succeeded in it, you will be able to criticize it so that you can do your own research based on the criticism and write your own paper. The capability of reading English in this strategic way has been my objective. Conscious efforts have been made repeatedly, and the accumulation of these efforts, I believe, got me the compliments.