2017/06/30 Doc, there's a hole where something was.

The title of this article is quoted from a song called Disloyal Order of Water Buffaloes by Fall Out Boy.


I have had a big canker sore for several days. Several articles on it tell me that it is considered to be due either to lack of vitamins or to extreme fatigue. I think mine is caused by both, but the latter is the larger factor. I have a great number of things to do but my body and brain is not strong enough to deal with all of them. I used to be capable of getting up early enough to get the tasks done but now, for reasons I cannot explain, I cannot do so and I have as much sleep as my body needs. While my body feels light, the sufficient sleep helps me put myself in a rotten mood because, let's face it, the tasks are lying there waiting to be finished. There is one that is due today. There seems to be no prospect of the accomplishment of it. The canker sore is going to cause me some distress today as well.