2017/07/02 Buying clothes online


Some years ago I was asked in Shinjuku by TV crew to have an interview with them. The interview, they said, was about online shopping. Did you do online shopping? If yes, what kind of thing did you buy? If no, why?

As I was in no mood for it, I turned the request down. But I thought about how I would answer if I actually did the interview. My answer would be, "Books I would buy online, but many other things I wouldn't. For example, clothes. When I want to buy clothes, I want to feel them and try them on. Buying them on the Internet is out of the question."

But now I am thinking of doing so. Here's the deal. I am a shorter guy but unfortunately, I have broad shoulders, which means that when I buy, let's say, a polo, I have to choose one that fits my shoulders in the first place. So I will have to pick up one in size M. I try it on as usual and I am always made to see the way it is so long that I look as if I were a kid. Lately, I have been getting more and more firmly convinced that when it comes to buying clothes nothing else is as important as fit. A YouTuber called Ashley Weston, a celebrity menswear stylist, is one of those who have got this point into my head.


In other YouTube Channels no less, it is urged that we should nail the fit. However, in Japan, there is no company which produces and sells clothes specifically for a shorter guy. In the U.S., there are. Peter Manning is one of them. If you want to buy them and you are in Japan, you have to do it online.


The problem is, international shippings and returns will cost a lot.