07/07/2017 About Yahoo! News

I hate reading comics these days, espicially raeding them online. But this inclination runs counter to the flow of the time, and there appeared several manga apps recently. They seems to be trying hard to get the most users and struggling to be the most popular because I frequently see a lot of advertisements of them on the Internet.

Living without any TV sets, my main news source was Yahoo! News. While reading an article on it, I usually ran across advertisements. I don't care about them as long as they are innocuous. However, the manga which was advertised was vulgar and disgusting. So whenever I met them, I reported to Yahoo! that I was not interested in them at all and asked them to stop showing them to me again. But they never seemed to take care of it. The ads kept appearing. So one day I reported to the company that I would stop visiting Yahoo! News due to their unconcern.