08/07/2017 California Kids



Every summer I enjoy Summer Sonic. So when it comes to the summer song, I cannot help thinking about songs associated with the festival. In the last Summer Sonic, there were a lot of awesome bands. Among them were those whose shows I had been dying to experience. Weezer was one of them. The vocal, Rivers Cuomo, who loves Japan and is married to a Japanese wife, spoke a fluent Japanese several times. It made their show all the more charming. Moreover, as is often the case with veteran bands, they took it easy but nonetheless their performance was comfortable to listen to and their relaxed way of playing and talking made them a good company. The song I want to present here as the summer song for me is called California Kids. It was played during the show in the last Summer Sonic with Scott Murphy, a friend of Rivers who is a member of a band led by Hosomi Takeshi. The song was translated into Japanese so it had a different flavor from the original English version. 

Weezer - California Kids

Having enrolled in the graduate school with a view to becomig a philosopher but without being well-educated in the discipline, I often suffered from anxiety about my career. But this song somehow helped to reduce and live with it, though I had never been to California.