10/07/2017 Advertisements and values

As I grow older, I find myself amazed more and more frequently at criticisms leveled against TV commercials. An advertisement tells you to do something. It may recommend you to buy something, to visit some places or to experience something impressive. Whatever it advertises, as long as there is an advertisement, there must inevitably be values endorsed behind it, for what they do is choosing what to do and a choice of conduct has to be accompanied by values that support it. So they necessarily come with advertisements. Moreover, if there are values which appreciate some conducts, there have to be others which are vitiated in terms of them. It may be those who do or are compelled to do such depreciated conduct who direct criticisms at advertisements. Therefore it is no exaggeration to say that any advertisement may be met with some criticisms.

Recently I encountered some YouTube ad that makes me sick. It is about adolescence. A lot of teenagers dance with their vitality fully expressed by their body and movements. It appears to endorse how a life of a teenager should be lived. Your life is full of possibilities. You can be what you want. You can do what you want. Your future is iridescent. As a teenager, my life was far from this ideal. I was exhausted from school and fed up with life where it took me more than 90 minutes just to go to school. I was matriculated to one of those "prestigious" universities and was hilarious for some time. But this exaltation, in turn, made me feel the life meaningless. There was no such plenitude of life as is valued and cherished in the advertisement. There is no criticism expressed against it on the Internet. Maybe I am the only one that feels frustrated at it. I will never translate this frustration into any criticisms. But I will never drink any Pocali Sweat.