11/07/2017 Influencing people around you

When I was engaged in job hunting, what is called "shukatsu," many other students who were looking for a job often said, "I want to have a good influence on people around me." Every time I heard this kind of wish, it made me wonder how the hell they came to have the wish. I don't want to influence people at all. I have a strong feeling that I am me and I want to draw a sharp line of demarcation between me and others. Influencing others can lead to the blurring of the boundary. For the same reason, I don't want to be a leader. Don't follow me. You have to follow your path. 

I skimmed through the titles of the blogs in Hatena Blog and it dawned on me that the majority of the writers want to have a certain impact on the readers. I want to know why in the world they want to feel like doing this.