13/07/2017 Becoming a short sleeper

Becoming a short sleeper. It's been my dream for ages. But the dream has never been realized so far. And my past experiences have suggested to me that I will never be. My body loves a long sleep. In the first place, the reason I dreamed to be able to live without so much sleep is that I have too much work to do. As I wrote in other articles, I have far less knowledge in the wide range of disciplines that concern my research, while other students have much. Therefore, in addition to doing my research, I have to become well-versed in them. It requires time. So, as a means to secure the time for the learning, I have wanted to be a short sleeper.

But it comes as no surprise that there should be other ways. Instead of trying to sleep short, I started to set the timer when I tackle a task. So far, so good. Seemingly, by setting the timer, my mind works at full speed, in order to meet the deadline. However, this improvement in the working of my mind provides not a scrap of evidence that I am making the time enough to get the knowledge.