18/07/2017 Practicing yoga at home by myself

Being a philosopher means leading a sedentary life. Concentration on the book or the article I am reading prevents me from paying attention to my posture. Consequently, I often suffer from a stiff neck. It is so serious that sometimes I cannot tolerate just remaining seated. In order to keep a good posture even when I don't see to it, I set myself to do a series of workouts that focus on the body core. But it appears that it will take time for the workouts to have the intended effect. You cannot build up your muscles quickly. So in the meantime, I want to practice yoga so that I can alleviate the agonising stiff neck. In fact, I have practised it intermittently since I was in high school. But I have never been taught it by an expert. I taught myself by reading a book. Yesterday, I watched a TV program where a professional surfer was getting trained in a private lesson. They didn't explain the detail of it, but the lecturer seemed to be giving precise advice on a particular pose. At the thought of the possibility that self-taught yoga may do less good, I searched for a yoga class near my house, though it is untypical of me.