19/07/2017 About Grammarly

Grammarly is one of the many online services with which you can have your English checked. Not the least of its beauties is that it gives you a weekly summary of your English writing activity. You can see how many words you wrote, how many unique words you used, and how accurate your English was. In addition, they give you these pieces of information in comparison with other users. It is encouraging. Recently, I wrote a paper in English consisting of some 7,000 words and had it checked with Grammarly. I thought that there must be few users who wrote this many words in English. However, on the contrary,  the report says that there are many users more productive than me. It was astonishing. It's just my guess, but students who study and do research in English absorb and express more words than me every day. What can I do to catch up with them? Above all, I have to secure more time to get myself immersed in English.