20/07/2017 Wondering whether the future is now

A few weeks ago, a professor said that the best way to be well-informed on a field is to give a lecture on it. When it comes to delivering one, you have to prepare for it. Your preparation has to be as perfect as possible so that you can answer whatever question may come. To attain such level of perfection, all you can do is to study the field in earnest. In this way, giving a lecture enables you to become well-versed in a certain field. The professor went on to tell a story of a younger professor who had to spend so much time preparing for a course that he ended up sleepless almost every night.
The story of sleepless nights impressed me as a future in which I may find myself. At least, not now. I don't have to live such a harsh life, for the time being, I thought. But come to think about how much research I have to do in order to write a dissertation and to be worthy of the master degree, it seems that the future is now. I could see the professors saying things like, "Welcome to the club." But I want to have at least some hours of sleep each night. Somehow my body knows this seemingly, for I woke up suddenly this morning at 4:30, having slept only for two hours. 大丈夫なんだろうか。