22/07/2017 Does practice make perfect?

About one year ago I launched an English diary. Though I kept from keeping it for some time, I resumed it some months ago, and have kept so far. 

Ever since I started this blog, I have seen many others in English launched, but sadly, few survived up until now. If, as I believe, the secret of learning a foreign language lies in constant and regular practice, then it can safely be said that I have been more successful than them. However, as to the saying that practice makes perfect, I doubt whether it is the case.  Practice leads to habituation. This is true. But I am not sure whether habituation means perfection. As far as the language learning is concerned, habituation can possibly signifies stagnation. I mean, no matter how much or what you write, you find yourself using the same words and phrases, offering the same old opinion or argument. Therefore, I believe that something other than practice is necessary before you master a foreign language. But what is that something?