24/07/2017 That's why I have got no time.

It is a blessing to have something to live for and to be in an environment that enables you to make efforts to attain it. Nowadays there seem to be few people who have the former, but fewer still have the latter. 

My family moved to another prefecture when I was thirteen. This movement compelled me to take 1.5 hours just to go to school. After I had enrolled in a university, the time for commuting increased to 2 hours. It means that I had to waste almost 24 hours per week just on commuting to school. This was the environment when I was a student.Considering this situation, I cannot help admiring myself for working hard as a part time English teacher as well as writing a dissertation, which was somehow highly evaluated by the professors. 

But now things have changed. "Things have changed for me, and that's ok. I feel the same. I'm on my way," so sings Panic! At The Disco.  

Panic! At The Disco: That Green Gentleman [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

I don't feel the same. I live away from my family. They have let me do so so that I can secure more time to study and research. Now the university is five minutes' walk from my house. Now the cram school I am working for is 20 minutes walk from my house. The university enables me to read whatever I have to and want to. In spite of this good environment, lately, I have been in a gloomy mood. I am not saying I am depressed, but I am in no mood for anything creative, that is, research. I am wondering why, and I have to figure it out. But there is coming an interim report conference, where I have to make a presentation about the research and have it examined by the professors, and after that, there will be an international conference on psychology, where I am supposed to deliver an individual presentation on psychotherapy. I have no time for thinking about this dark mood. 

使えそうな英語表現(Oxford Collocations Dictionary for students of English より)

be in no mood for ~=〜する気分ではない、〜に適した気分ではない