27/07/2017 Thinking in English

There is a Japanese philosopher called Hiromatsu Wataru. He is one of the few Japanese philosophers who are world famous. As is often the case with great scholars, I had some anecdotes about him told by a professor. Of particular note was the thinking habit of his. His philosophical background was mostly German philosophy. He is said to have read it so much that whenever he did philosophy he always found himself doing it in German. Not that he tried to do it in German, but that he did so spontaneously. This spontaneity is amazing.

This semester a professor talked to me and said, "Considering your report, you seem to be brilliant, especially at reading English. So keep at it." This remark made me hilarious but the story of the philosophical giant has persuaded me that I am way too behind him. I am wondering how much English I must read before I begin to think in English naturally. Recently, I could only find a little time to read English. I am not saying I hope to become a philosophical legend like him. I know that would be asking for the moon. But I just want to be the best version of me.