29/07/2017 Tunes to remind you of the days past

This morning I casually began to watch a video on YouTube, which was a TED talk, only to be reminded of my past days which I wish I hadn't remembered. Some of you might know that TED talks start with a particular tune. This tune did the trick.

When I worked for a digital advertising company, I was really concerned about the possibility of forgetting English. I was unnecessarily worried that I might become unable to read, write, or listen to English as I had before. I believe the cause for this worry was the atmosphere in the office. The other employees seemed to feel and accordingly made me feel studying and contemplating are useless unless they are practical, and that if you can dispense with them, you should take no time for them. Reading is seldom profitable. So you shouldn't be engaged with it. This atmosphere made me uneasy and I thought if I didn't take measures against it, I might lose everything I had built up at the university. But on the other hand, I was so preoccupied with the work that I got sickly tired every day and had no time or energy to study English. Therefore, I often listened to TED talks while commuting.

This is why this morning the opening tune of them reminded me of the days when I was working for the company, tired, worried and afraid. It is a bitter memory. Such was the bitterness that I stopped watching the video shortly after the talk began. I will clean up my room for a mood change. It has been in a mess for a few days.