30/07/2017 "Never drink alcohol," says Nietzsche, but I will.

Never drink alcohol. According to the video below, this is one of the recommendations which Friedrich Nietzsche formulated.


He maintains, according to this video, that a truly meaningful life is one driven by your envy. Envious feelings can tell you what you really want and one day can become. The pain caused by the realization that you don't have what you crave and you are not satisfied with what you happen to have must be the guide of your life. That can lead you to be what you truly are. But the pain is numbed by alcohol. So you don't want to drink it. This is what I learned he thought about it from the video. 

Today I am going to go with my friend to what is called a "Beer garden," where you can enjoy not only various kinds of beer but also a barbeque. For Nietzsche, this place is a slave garden (if you want to know why I used the word slave, I advise you to watch the video). I agree to the recommendation and the thought which it is based on. But I will drink alcohol tonight. It is not that I want to forget my agonising life. What I do want to forget is that since the day I began to study philosophy, it has been getting harder and harder to keep a conversation going with my old friends. To be a philosopher is to say goodbye to them. This pain I have to soothe.